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Capture, process, inspect, and act on your most valuable assets with
high-resolution 3D models and reliable thermal maps


Professional Drone Services

Businesses across insurance, energy, facilities management, and agriculture are discovering the transformative power of thermal data in their day-to-day workflows. A first in the industry, AEC Drone Services creates reliable and high-resolution thermal reconstructions using latest software computer vision and photogrammetry technology. With AEC Drone Services will capture thousands of images of your facility and sites, generate Radiometric Thermal and infrared 3D models or orthomosaics, and remotely conduct detailed inspections.


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Interactive thermal view 

Create an interactive thermal view including high-resolution imagery for remote issue identification, diagnosis, and resolution.

  • We fly using the latest processing mobile app in autonomous or manual flight

  • Gather real-time thermal insights with Thermal Live Map, producing data on your mobile device as the drone flies, even offline

  • Expedite inspections by enabling expert thermographers to work remotely, identifying and diagnosing hotspots

  • Generate annotated reports, providing the location and severity of every detected issue on your map for rapid resolution

  • Begin incident response remotely with secure access to up-to-date 3D models


Capture & Process

The AEC Drone Services flight app automatically scans sites and facilities for optimal coverage helping you capture and manage what the naked eye can’t see. AEC Drone Services will recreate reality and allow you to analyze your site remotely.

  • Optimized flight plans for 2D and 3D flights and thermal camera-specific settings

  • AEC Drone Services will process both RGB and Thermal images at once and create high-resolution thermal 3D models

Enterprise Grade Drone
Software Solutions

  • Automate and centralize flight, operations, and compliance across distinct business units or office locations

  • Manage data access with role-based permissions and SSO

  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, with secure cloud infrastructure and ISO 27001 certification


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Whether you’re managing job sites, subcontractors, or clients, our drone-based solutions deliver a flexible, cost-effective way to add aerial intelligence to your project management toolset.