Here are some simple tips that will help make your
Listing more attractive to potential buyers



Remove clutter and personal Items from open view.  Remove any personal photos or items that customer may not like exposed via photo or video. Example: Children Photo or Valuables.


Landscaping and curb appeal.
It is crucial to remove vehicles, trailers, boats garbage/recycling bins and storage units from the front view of the property. Also, we suggest sweeping debris off of the driveway and for all landscaping projects to be completed in accordance to our scheduled appointment. The backyard and outdoor living spaces are equally important. Be sure to remove the leaves, debris, pool toys and hoses. Opening any outdoor umbrellas on patios make the space more inviting.

Fans and Lights

Light up your space.
Turning on all of the lights in the home before the photographers’ arrival speeds up the process of our work and makes for great photos! Our job to depict the atmosphere that the architects and homeowners have created the best we can by balancing natural and artificial light. Don’t forget to switch on any accent lighting such as under-cabinet lights, table lamps, and any other accessory lighting. It is essential that all fans be turned off during your photo shoot. Active ceiling fans create a blurred motion in the images and cast unwanted shadows on the ceilings and walls. Make the most of your photographers’ time by making sure you share any access information such as gate codes, lockbox codes, and detailed descriptions of lockbox locations.


Photos of our furry friends.
Everyone at AEC Drone Services loves pets but having them in the photos is not the best strategy for marketing your home. We appreciate when they are either put in a controlled environment or watched closely by the owners.

Finishing Touches

It’s all about the details.
When it comes down to the minor details in preparing your home, you might want to consider wiping down countertops, cleaning mirrors & windows and double checking that all of your light bulbs in your light fixtures are functioning. Opening window blinds are recommended because they are a great source of letting natural light into the rooms of the home. Making a note of these small details can significantly improve your final images.

Communication is the key

If there is anything worth noting that might be out of the ordinary before the photographers’ arrival, please inform us as early as possible so that we can be prepared for the photo-shoot. Also, the property is under renovation; it is essential to keep track of the progress and make sure that all updates are completed at the time of the appointment. We want to provide the highest quality content for all of our clients and following the above suggestions will significantly improve the quality of the final photographs.



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