Reducing Human Contact to Fight COVID-19

Contributing in the battle against diseases

Drone Solution

With the number of COVID19 cases rising by the day, these times that are upon us, is unlike anything we’ve experienced. Despite having lockdowns, there are still a lot of professionals out there who are risking their lives and are possible vectors of the disease spread.  Drones will complement disease control measures undertaken by the Government and make the fight against COVID19 effective, efficient, fast and with less externalities.



Typically, it would take several days to cover 17 acres. 

It will now take less than  a day to cover the same area.



The whole process will cost less than 1/5th of the usual price.


No Harmful Side-effects

Municipal laborers aren’t susceptible to skin infections and 

diseases as they don’t have to wade into the polluted water  anymore.


Decreased Larval Count

 There was a marked decrease in the larval count by 60% in the pilot projects.


Can disinfect large-scale public spaces. Drones cover 50 times more area than traditional methods.  Reduces workload from Sanitation Workers and reduces risk of them being infected and becoming transmitters of infection


Combating Mosquito

Drones available mosquito eradication.  

An average of 725,000 deaths across the world are caused by mosquitoes, with 9.7 million cases of vector-borne diseases being reported each year.  In fact, mosquitoes are notorious for being the most deadly animals in the world.



Exclusive  partnership with BIOCLEANit  Protecting your home or business with our reliable and professional cleaning and sanitizing services. We follow all current CDC and EPA protocols to fight germs, bacteria and other harmful pathogens in any indoor space.


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