Drone Inspections

Make better-informed, real-time decisions about your properties at scale. Contact us about your inspection management needs. We offer drone inspection solutions, providing planning, inspection, evaluation, optimization, detection and comparison assessments.  Get detail-rich aerial and infrared photos to make informed & actionable decisions. Insightful, easy, and reliable drone services on-demand.



Facade Inspection

Façade inspection has become a growing area of concern and expense for property management companies, facilities management companies, building owners, and contractors. Historically in order for structural engineers to effectively inspect vertical facades efficiently, would erect very complex and time-consuming scaffolding systems, swing stages, and bucket trucks just to look at the side of a building.


Solar PV Drone Inspection

Our team of experienced FAA licensed UAS pilots and imaging process engineers provides thermal imaging drone inspection services for PV farm operators, turning raw data into actionable insights for the O&M team performing preventative maintenance.

We have dedicated solar and thermal experts to make sure that our experience and cutting-edge technology will ensure optimal performance of your solar asset.


Preventative Maintenance

AEC Team conducts drone inspections of critical infrastructure across multiple industries. Our expert-piloted drones improve the speed, efficiency, and quality of preventative maintenance procedures, optimizing partner assets more than traditional methods.


Get decision-making data from detailed aerial images of whatever your project requires. We’ll work with you to make sure we capture the images you need to get the data you are looking for.


Consistent Quality & Fast Turnaround

We offer drone photography services and provide professional consistency and reliability for your brand.  Our scale is large enough to enable fast turnaround times and eliminate any and all travel fees or expenses that could otherwise be borne by clients. Our expert drone operators are vetted and proven, and are ready to take on any project you send our way. We have the flexibility required to adapt our services for any project and provide a simple solution for getting quality results. Contact us today and turn your project, product, or property into a compelling visual story.


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