Use drone data to prevent common construction mistakes in activities like site balancing, concrete layout, quantity tracking, fulfillment verification, and schedule tracking


Professional Drone Services

Simple, Convenient, & Completely Custom Aerial Drone Photography. Elevate your view of your build. Whether you’re managing job sites, subcontractors, or clients, our drone-based services deliver a flexible, cost-effective way to improve your project management toolset.


30% of the cost of construction is wasted in the field due to coordination errors, wasted material, labor inefficiencies and other problems that arise during the traditional course of construction.

  • Project Managers measure and validate work performed, as well as materials

  • Project Engineers reinforce virtual design and construction tools with high-fidelity, real-world data

  • Owners gain a greater depth of insight into, and oversight of, their capital projects


Get Comprehensive Drone and Data Services for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

There’s no need to own a drone, maintain a pilot on staff, or analyze data. We’ve built our service based on years of operations with leading Architectural, Engineering and Construction firms. As a result, you can procure enterprise-grade aerial intelligence featuring easy to understand action items and takeaways through our simple, turnkey service.


Here's how it works:



FAA Licensed Drone Pilots, trained to serve enterprises in AEC, deploy ground control points, as well as an array of visual and advanced sensors to collect data over the assets.


Construction Management Tracking

Drone aerial photography helps keep projects on track. Make better decisions with drone data and visual project updates

Get Insights

Use aerial imagery to identify specific issues on your job site.

Put Aerial Intelligence to Work on Your Job Site Today!

Aerial Mapping & Insights

Don’t just collect data — get insights.  Use our intuitive reporting system to resolve issues or integrate data into VDC and project management systems.

Planning, site selection, and estimating:

LIDAR-equipped drones can map vegetation, terrain and water features 

Cut and fill analysis:

Project Engineers can compare 3D site models to the final grade elevation and determine progress towards site balancing

Volumetric measurements:

Project superintendents can track earth moving progress, using grade elevation for precise measurement

Foundation and utilities:

Site workers can view overlay site designs and line work to assess layout accuracy and catch mistakes

Vertical construction:

Virtual construction teams can review built conditions in BIM models and project managers can track job progress


Owners can detect leaks and cracks to identify potential warranty claims among other defects.


Matterport Service Provider

Faster and more complete than 3D laser scanning.

The Matterport Pro2 3D Camera captures 2D photography and 3D data from job sites, and automatically stitches them into a complete, immersive 3D model of a real-world job site. Take this 3D model and annotate, share, and export the point cloud to Autodesk ReCap® or Revit®.

Quicker than 3D laser scanning, more complete than handheld 3D scanners.

Harness The Power Of Advanced Drone Technology

By working with AEC Drone Services project leaders can employ the latest in remote sensing technology. Our team of Drone Pilots, data and solutions engineers utilize hardware and software configurations that deliver the most precise and repeatable data outcomes:

3D Mapping

utility Inspections

Pre & Post Inspection


  • We're transforming how businesses collect, analyze, share drone data:
    We are making the skies open and accessible for everyone, trusted by users across a variety of industries. Our platform is easy to master and makes improving workflows possible for any size company. Harness cloud processing, real-time drone analysis, sharable drone maps, 3D models and more.

  • LiDAR sensors: 
    Augment pre-construction assessment and mapping with a 50% time savings on data capture compared to traditional techniques

  • Multispectral sensors: 
    Volumetric calculations on aggregate material, along with vegetation mapping on proposed sites

  • Thermal sensors: 
    Detailed asset management, streamlining collaboration, detecting hidden anomalies beneath surfaces and checking for proper sealing of roofs and windows 


Hurricane Prep

  • ​Pre Hurricane Site Inspection:
    Capture photos and videos 24-72 hours prior to a hurricane strike.  Keep Contractors and subcontractor ahead of the storm assuring site is properly locked down

  • Post Hurricane Site Inspection:
    24 hours after the all clear. Drone Team is dispatch and captures photo and videos of site and building structures

How Site Technologies Made Data Collection 20X Faster and  50% Cheaper

Property assessments and analytics company, partnered with AEC Drone Services to deploy drone-based platform. The results were clear: they found data collection to be 20X faster and 50% cheaper, as well as more thorough, accurate, and consistent.

Why AEC Drone Services?

We’ve built our offerings to scale. From investing in geospatial science expertise to understanding the regulatory environment, we’re able to support a one-time flight or a fully integrated enterprise aerial intelligence program.

Specialized Pilot Network

Pilots serving AEC have received specialized training in jobsite safety and data capture; many boasting hundreds of flight hours on behalf of the nation’s leading General Contractors.

Regulatory management

All our FAA Part 107 certified and insured pilots follow AEC Drone Services OSHA-compliant Standard Operating Procedures and an FAA-defined Safety Management System. 

Fast, actionable intelligence

By using drones, you can increase your field productivity by 50-75%

Leaders in drone-based geospatial science

Our industry-leading pilot team  and  engineers ensure the quality and accuracy of data outcomes.

Experts in advanced remote sensing hardware

We help you select the best sensor for the job, and understand the unique needs of jobsites.

Services and solutions to help you manage your solar assets

Want to further integrate drones into your project management? We offer a full suite of services that strengthen the data value chain.


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Whether you’re managing job sites, subcontractors, or clients, our drone-based solutions deliver a flexible, cost-effective way to add aerial intelligence to your project management toolset.

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    We will share your drone data, inspection, photos and videos with you and make them available to download within 24 hours in most cases.

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